Jill & Keith // Burgundy Wedding

When two creatives ask you if you want to travel to France to shoot their intimate backyard-style wedding, you tightly cross your fingers as you whip out your calendar as fast as you can to see if you’re available, and then upon realizing you’re free you jump up and down with excitement as the words “holy s&!#” escape your lips. Once you come back down to earth, you try to be cool and respond to the email in a way that doesn’t completely scare them away.

That’s what happened to me, anyway.

Every time someone asks me to shoot their wedding abroad, I’m completely blown away. Actually, anytime someone hires me to shoot their wedding right here in the city I live in or anywhere for that matter, I’m completely blown away. It’s sounds so cliché, but I’m sincerely so thankful that someone would click on my website and want to hire me to document their most special of days. Six years ago, I could have never imagined that this would be my life – photographing beautiful, heartfelt weddings every weekend, traveling so often, sometimes to the next state over and sometimes across the country or the world. This year, photography has taken me to France, Italy, Scotland as well as a bunch of U.S. states, some brand new to me. I have continued to attract the most genuine, kind, fun clients and have made some really great friends along the way. I say all of this not to brag, but to remind myself how lucky I am. It wasn’t so long ago I was sitting in an office working as an accounting manager, dreaming about all the things I felt I was missing out on. I wanted to meet new people and have new adventures and I had this indescribable feeling that I had something within me that was trying to get out, I just needed to harness it into something tangible I could share with the world. It took years of hard work and I’m still not exactly where I’m going (do we ever truly arrive?) but the beauty is in the journey, isn’t it? I think this post proves it.

Jill & Keith got engaged in Burgundy, France and completely fell in love with the region. They pretty much instantly knew they wanted to bring their closest people to celebrate with them there, and went on to plan the most heartfelt, lovely, intimate wedding at a quaint little inn which was formerly a winery. In fact, in some of the photos you can see the exact place where Keith proposed to Jill (the second set of portraits where you see a pathway beside the stone wall)! How crazy/romantic is that!?

Did I mention Jill made their entire invitation suite herself (and it looks damn good! Here’s a sneaky link to her website if you want to see her work!) She also made her headpiece as well as a similar one for the flower girl. I was blown away by the attention to detail in everything Jill touched.

Thanks for taking me along, J & K. It was an adventure I will never forget.




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